About Metagra

At Metagra we are experts in steel rod cold forging. The tradition of our parent company in Europe, backed by more than five decades of working in the industry, is our best guarantee as a parts supplier for the automobile sector. We are a TIER 1 and TIER 2 supplier.

Always moving forward, our firm commitment to technological innovation has made us a leading global supplier of automobile components. Acknowledgements, such as the Robert Bosch preferred supplier (P-supplier), endorse the quality of our work

Our projects aren’t limited to cold metal stamping. We do it all, from the study and prior co-development for each part, to in-house threading and machining operations. The option of outsourcing the management of the different treatments means that we can offer an integral service.

We are committed to the quality of the parts we produce. Thanks to the constant evolution and improvement of our quality control systems, we can offer you a product with full guarantees.

We co-design metal parts based on our knowhow

[Our greatest asset is our team of professionals]