Remaining at the forefront of technology and continuing to internally promote the innovation of our machinery are key factors in the quality of our cold forging service.

As well as our plant here in Celaya, we have two parent companies in Bergara, in the Basque Country. Our plant here in Celaya enjoys a remarkable logistics location on the route to Laredo, communicating us with the United States.

At our Celaya Bergara plant we have 6-station cold forging presses. This places us in the broadest product range possible. We have America’s biggest machine for cold forging long products.

To produce your project, we have presses with a steel rod input diameter of between 6 and 36mm and a length of up to 300mm.

Metagra has two plants in Bergara, Gipuzkoa, and one in Celaya, Mexico
Metagra has presses with a steel rod input of between 6 and 45mm and a length of up to 300mm.

[We have the biggest cold forging machine in Europe for long products]

Streamlined, quality production

Our strength with respect to means of production is mainly reflected in two aspects. Making our own tools enables us to act with agility and flexibility when lending support to our production and to the development of new parts.

At Metagra we are also committed to the quality of the parts we produce. We work constantly to promote automated control systems and most of our parts now pass through automatic sorting machines.

Threaders, spot welders, lathes and a long list of other machines complete our equipment for carrying out auxiliary operations and contributing to a 100% finished product.